The main theme presented in my current work is of the ever-growing, and omnipresent – Great Divide.  Misplaced power, and rapidly declining civil liberty plagues not only this nation, but all the people of the world.  Contrived class distinctions, widespread injustice, and state-forced acquiescence, are the social norms of society.

My work addresses these issues imaginatively, favoring fantastical settings and exaggerated forms to express a possible future.  One foot in this world, and the other hesitantly planted in the unknown, with all the elements of the composition working to prompt the viewer to question his/her relation to the whole, and to the whole of their reality.


Looking back on my work today, I think the best I’ve done grew out of things deeply felt.  As an artist, I have always tried to be faithful to my vision of life, and I have frequently been in conflict with those who wanted me to paint, not what I saw, but what they wished me to see.”

Diego Rivera


This is from The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s project, Connections.  

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All artwork copyright 2012 Jack Laughner.


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“SHINE”…as in Moonshiner


SW!PE 3 Cover Final with Color

SW!PE 3 Cover Finished Inking

Examples of Pencil/Inking Process…